My Favorite Hobby Besides Writing – Knitting

One of my designs of my dishcloths

One of my designs of my dishcloths


I know my writing on this blog is long over-due. I apologize for any ongoing readers. I’ve had a couple of medical conditions recently that have really made it difficult for me to sit up at the computer. So, with that said, let me get on with this journal entry.

I began knitting probably about three years ago. I began because my mother had a heart attack and wouldn’t slow down. I needed to find her a hobby we could do that would keep her resting, but busy. She found an awesome charity at her church called Threads of Compassion that we decided to join. It is for victims of sexual assault. Basically, we knit or crochet scarves as symbols of warmth for these victims that come into our local emergency rooms.

Over the years, I have made hundreds of scarves for this organization. Lately, I have spent more time branching out on other ventures. When you are ill and unable to get out of bed, it’s nice to have a hobby that you can do in bed. I have made gifts for my family. I have also started an inventory for me and my husband to possibly (I just got married) do a craft fair show at a high school this fall. I have also started selling patterns I created online on Ravelry.

Here are the links to my free knitting blog and to my site on Ravelry:


Thought for the Day

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby


My Writing


An Excellent Writer’s Source

Here are some great articles that will get you rolling on your writing career:


A Place for Inspiration for Your Writing

Regardless of what your religion is, have you considered using the Bible as a source of inspiration? It was written in a historical period, and tells amazing stories. It also has psalms (or poems) to inspire you depending on your feelings or the feelings of the characters in your story.

Many people find versions of the Bible such as the King James Version to be so confusing and difficult to understand. I prefer the contemporary versions. The one I found that matches every day language the most is called “The Find.”

I purchased it for an atheist friend of mine who didn’t own a Bible. He found it so easy to read and understand. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is confused by the language of the Bible.

Also, I would certainly recommend using the Bible as a reading source and a source of inspiration for your writing.



The Tragic Story of Our Cat, King


First, I would like to apologize for the huge delay in my writing. I plan to write much more frequently. However, I got ill (bed-ridden) for over a month and am just now getting on the computer. I hope you enjoy this story about our cat.

When Bryan first moved in with his cat, I was okay with the idea, because I warm up to animals rather quickly, and they typically get attached to me as well. However, King has been my child now for nearly a year, and he has not warmed up to me as much as I wished. Bryan keeps saying to give it time, but I’ve never met an animal that didn’t love me unconditionally, especially given the fact that he spends 24/7 with me and only spends time with Bryan a few hours a day. However, compared to other people, King treats me like a princess.

He doesn’t hit me, hiss at me (much), or get scared around me too much, but if another person is around, he will run like the dickens or fight with all his might. He is a very mean cat. However, there is a reason for his protective and unbalanced manner. When he was 5 weeks old, he crawled under Bryan’s recliner, and when Bryan reclined back, he crushed King’s skull. Luckily, he survived, but he has had several near-death traumas since.

He is now 5 years old, and he has a very fearful nature about him. He gives Bryan some love by lying on his stomach and sleeping. Also, during the past year, he has grown to know me. I can now lay on the same couch with him, something he has never let another person do. I can feed him treats out of my hand, another first. I can also occasionally pet him for only a second or two before he instinctively reacts to someone touching him. He cries for me sometimes, but I think it’s because he wants more food, water, and treats (perhaps attention). There are times when it seems he just wants my company in the same room. I know he pouted around the house when I was in bed sick for almost a week, and when I bounced back and was on my feet in the living room, he began to run around, playing, acting like a crazy man.

I’m sure his tragic accident caused him brain damage. When he smells something, he cannot figure out what part of the room it is coming from. Also, his eyesight seems to be off. I will lay treats out for him, and he doesn’t seem to always see them. I am somewhat resentful of the fact that he doesn’t show me affection and love like I wish he would when I take good care of him, feeding and watering him. I even knitted him a cat-nip toy, but he never played with it much. However, he is my baby, and I love him more than ever.

If something ever happened to Bryan, I would never give him up. I am the only mother he has ever known, and I believe deep down he loves me. I am just clinging to the hope that one day he will climb in my lap like he does with Bryan and snuggle up with me, giving me love and affection. I believe it will happen! Have faith with me, and perhaps it will come true soon. When I wrote this blog, it was about a month or so ago. King now has climbed in my lap to sleep and lets me pet him. Dreams do come true!

Thought for the Day:

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

-Zig Ziglar


My Writing

This is an excellent article I wrote about correct grammar. I edited it quite a bit from its original publication. I think I covered everything pretty well. For any writer, this website is a must. Please check it out. You will find it useful as a writer!

An Excellent Writer’s Source

This Online Writing Lab is something I refer to ALL THE TIME when I am writing. It ensures you are using proper formatting in your writing, and it is the best resource I have found on the Internet for writers to learn about proper writing.

The Purdue Owl Website covers:

  • General Writing
  • Research and Citation
  • Teacher and Tutor Resources
  • Subject Specific Writing
  • Job Searching Writing
  • English as a Second Language
  • Vidcasts
  • MLA Guide
  • APA Guide
  • Media File Index

A Place for Inspiration for Your Writing

Pictures can be a powerful place to find inspiration.  You can be creative and construct your writing from objects in pictures. You can also use your senses – watch, think, feel, smell, hear, and taste. The following article aims to get your ideas flowing and provides you with picture prompts to help you do so. The article also contains useful videos and an Amazon product that will help with your writing.

For more pictures or quotes that will provide you motivation and inspiration, check out the Inspiring Pics and Quotes on Pinterest:

Blessings and Regards in the Beginning of this New Year,




A New Year – A New Journey

An Introduction to Michele

My Introduction

I would like to begin by introducing myself. I am from the great state of Oklahoma, but I have lived around the U.S.A. I found a love for reading and writing as a youth. I used to read about a book a day. Then, I began my writing career. I was an excellent writer, but I did not know how to expand my vocabulary or branch out in my writing to make it “above and beyond.” Then, in High School, I had a teacher that pushed me very hard. I developed writing skills and inspiration that was beyond what I thought I was capable of achieving. I began winning awards and contests for my writing, and it served me well all the way through graduate school. I don’t know if I “dreamed” of being a writer, but it was something that was inside me – dying to get out! When I retired from the Accounting world, I began writing online. I found “the calling” to inspire others through the written word. I have now written almost 100 articles online and have slowly but surely learned the art of social marketing. I love writing now, but I have many passions in life. Currently, my goals are numerous! I am working on a solid goal list – one which I can make into attainable mini-goals in order to achieve them over time! I have found it quite challenging to juggle the passions of being (1) an organized, loving housewife and mother of one handicapped kitty, (2) a beginner knitter who is striving to create patterns, learn new techniques, donate my services to charities, and share my knowledge with others, and (3) an aspiring writer who can voice my words to those in the world in an inspirational way and become a successful, published author. Having many trials currently myself, juggling these three passions and all of the goals I hope to achieve is quite an aspiration! However, I do know one thing for sure: I can do anything I put my mind to! I have absolute confidence and faith in my abilities! I know without a shadow of a doubt I will succeed! I welcome feedback from my readers. Please keep in mind what you say reflects who you are; I welcome constructive criticism, but positive feedback breeds positivity!

Thought for the Day:

“Prioritize the values that matter most, then evaluate your life and bring it into harmony with what you believe is important.”

– Unknown

My Writing

Still a work in progress, but here is the website I have been working with to create my 100 articles in the past few months:

An Excellent Writing Source

Please check out my mentor, an excellent author, teacher, and leader – Bill Holland. His website is as follows:

A Place for Inspiration for Your Writing

Books, movies, and websites can provide endless inspiration for your writing, thinking, speaking, or creating. I will try to provide you an avenue each time I write where you might find some spark or some insight that motivates you! Today I would encourage you to watch Legends of the Fall. It is an older movie with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins, but there is deep meaning in it. I don’t care for movies with torture or that come across as cheesy to say the least. In fact, I didn’t much care for that movie the first few times I saw it. However, upon seeing it a few more times, I saw deeper analogies within the Indian culture. The movie has it all – a tragic love story, war, rebellion, loss, family values, the wild, life on a ranch, and a place to find inspiration. You will be engulfed by the deception, lust, love, hate, wildness, and loss. You may be able to put yourself in one of the character’s shoes and feel their hope, loss, love, or despair. As you do, you may better understand their actions and the analogies that represent those actions. Watch it on an online entity, rent it from Redbox, or buy it on clearance from Craigslist today! I don’t think you will regret it. It is a touching tale that will tug at your heart.

Blessings and Regards in the Beginning of this New Year,